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I got a message saying my IP is blocked?
- The message comes up under three different scenarios, a) the daily bandwidth threshold for the site has been reached b) the username is suspected of being compromised c) A username/password combination was used several times within a very short period of time (usually a cookie setting on some browsers that create the action). In the latter case, you should close out all windows, restart the computer and try again on a new window and your password will be accepted again. If you still have the issue, is most likely reason a or b, in which case you should email us to have the matter taken care of. 
Where do I retrieve my password?
- You can go to if you signed up thru or for
Where do I cancel?
- You can cancel at if you signed up thru or for

- MAC Users Because of the way Safari is set, you need to allow third party cookies. If not you might see the block page. Another easy solution is to use Firefox instead.

- Downloaders Due to the way downloaders work, we discourage their use because they overload servers. So please download 2-3 streams at the time at the max.